home staging consultation in Brighton MI

Walk ‘n Talk Home Staging Consultation

Perfect for the DIY Home Seller

Before you list your home for sale, a critical step for a successful transaction is home staging. Yes, I know what you’re thinking…it’s just more money you have to pay in order to sell your house.

Well, yes, you’re right about that. But it is money well spent, my friend!

And, if you’re a DIY home seller with regard to the preparation and presentation, you’ll benefit greatly from the advice and trained eye of an experienced Home Stager. Yes, that would be me. 🙂

Staging your home prior to listing it with a real estate agent will make the process go much more smoothly for everyone. And, how nice is it going to feel when your hard work pays off with a signed Purchase Agreement?

So, why go through the time and expense of staging your home first?

Homes that are cleaned, prepped and staged show better to prospective buyers and typically sell quicker and for a better price than homes that are not staged.

That’s where my Walk ‘n Talk Home Staging Consultation comes in. It is for the Do-It-Yourself Home Seller in Brighton, MI and surrounding areas, who would like some guidance and direction, is budget conscious & willing to put the effort into staging their home.

I will tour your entire home with you, inside and out, and provide advice, tips, & recommendations on how you can prepare your home for sale. A ‘Walk-and-Talk’ consultation that will be most effective if you as the home seller take lots of detailed notes! Yes, that’s a hint. 🙂

If you live in Brighton, Howell, Pinckney, Hartland, Whitmore Lake or other areas in Livingston County, I would be happy to help you prepare your home for sale.

Recommendations may include paint color choices, minor home repairs, landscape cleanup, furniture & decor editing, furniture rearrangement and packing recommendations.

Whether you are a Homeowner preparing to put your Livingston County, MI home on the market for sale, or a Realtor who is looking for an opportunity to invest a small amount of money for a much greater return, a Walk ‘n Talk Home Staging Consultation may be the perfect solution.

How does a Walk n Talk Home Staging Consultation Work?

Home Staging Consultation in Brighton, MI

Here’s what you can expect when we meet for our Walk ‘n Talk:

  • I will first do a quick walk-through of your home to get a feel for the space.
  • Then, we’ll start at the entry and walk, together, through each room and space in your home.
  • I will talk to you about the area, with tips, suggestions, advice and more, about how to make the area the most inviting and engaging for a prospective buyer
  • You will take notes, lots of them, or you might want to put our consultation on tape or even video. Why? Because once the consultation is finished, it’s up to you to make all those wonderful suggestions a reality!
  • I’ll leave some helpful materials with you to aid you in completing the project of preparing your home for sale.
  • Weather permitting, we’ll do the same on the exterior of your home. If the weather is keeping us indoors, we’ll still review the outside of your home, all the way ’round, the best we can.

Our appointment will take up to 2 hours in total, depending upon the size of the home.

This essential consultation is a great investment at only $150!** With some elbow grease and an investment of your time, it will move your home high up on the list for potential buyers.

Additional Home Staging Services

Although I said goodbye to the flourishing Home Staging business I established in South Florida, I am willing to discuss additional home staging services for owner-occupied residences.

If the hands-on task of literally doing all of the home staging preparation is more than you can handle, we can discuss how I can assist you in getting it done and your home beautifully staged to sell.

Each project is handled on an individual basis, with an estimate prepared at that time.

Home Staging Consultant

I ‘d love to help you prepare your home for sale in Livingston County, Michigan, utilizing my services as a Home Staging Consultant.

Take advantage of my experience as a successful Home Staging business owner for over six years in SW Florida. I staged hundreds of homes and have the ability to walk into a room and know what needs to be done in order to have a prospective buyer see it and want to see more!

Whether you are a Homeowner preparing to put your home on the market for sale, or a Realtor who is looking for an opportunity to invest a small amount of money for a much greater return, a Walk ‘n Talk Home Staging Consultation may be the perfect solution.

Complete the simple form below to tell me about your project, email me at candi@simplydesignedhomeinteriors.com, or call me at 239-222-7879 to schedule a consultation.

**additional fee may be charged for homes over 2,500 sq.ft. and/or for travel time based on location